Nearly all our best men are dead!  Einstein, Darwin, Tennyson, W. C. Fields! - I'm not feeling very well myself!

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1,568 top linkselcome to WebOrama 2024 Here you will find over fifteen hundred links to specially selected web sites, portals to thousands more. Additionally there are links to pages of my digital photos, favourite poems, computing, genealogy of my name, and the odd jotting on this and that. This is not, however, a general list of links from A to Z. It is limited to subjects I care about or of which I find of interest. This explains why I have chosen this artist rather than another or that author rather than someone perhaps more famous.

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Audio and Radio



You can get thousands of worldwide radio links direct from Windows Media Player and Real One Player now and this is now the best way to get live radio broadcasts. Consequently I have reduced my list of radio links to specialist radio sites:

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Waterfall by Escher.  Click to enlarge

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Cams and Digital Photography - and Digitized Collections